Show Notes Ep. 837 - Larry Hagner of the Dad Edge Podcast

  • Helping men be men. Larry shares his superhero origin story and how his podcast was created through his struggles becoming a father. (6:30)
  • What drove him to start his podcast for other men? (9:43)
  • Does he have empathy for his biological father? (16:49)
  • How important is it for children to have that male role model? (19:34)
  • Are you a parent first or couple first? The steps he and his wife implement to create homeostasis in their household. (22:00)
  • Are there certain themes that have created conflict in his relationship? (28:18)
  • How has his online/social media business affected his relationship? (29:30)
  • What has the transition been like going from the medical device industry into his current business? How passion is fuel and strategy is the map. (32:15)
  • What hurdles has he faced in scaling his business? (34:45)
  • Why has there been an explosion in the marketplace for men seeking help? Crisis in masculinity? (38:37)
  • What does it mean to be a great father to him? His 5 dimensions of a man. (41:10)
  • What is financial intimacy? (42:52)
  • What dimension are men lacking in the most? How to aim to create balance and not crush it. (46:02)
  • Who have been the most impactful guests on his podcast? Biggest lessons he has taken away? (50:34)
  • What are his thoughts on participation trophies? (54:10)
  • Have any of his guests surprised him? (58:30)
  • Are there any common mistakes/traps men fall into? (1:01:55)
  • What are his thoughts on men not wanting to get married or have a meaningful relationship? (1:05:08)
  • Has he created any rites of passage for his own children? (1:08:55)
  • How does he police social media/device usage with his kids? (1:10:53)
  • What advice would he give his 28 year old self before he got married? (1:20:25)

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