Show Notes Ep. 835 - The Curious Case of Alex Jones & Other Controversies

  • Do you pride yourself on being able to do “valuable” skills? (1:56)
  • Diversion or demand? Forced Nationalism? NFL's first male dancers will hit the sidelines this season. (7:57)
  • The National Enquirer of Politics: The Curious Case of Alex Jones and the Dangers of Where you Get Your Information. (14:44)
  • How do we manage censorship/free speech? The comparisons between Old Media vs. New Media. (25:00)
  • Why you should never put your eggs in one basket. The importance owning your content and building your business across all platforms. (35:53)
  • Mind Pump conspiracy theories… (42:00)
  • The power of long form spoken word and the future of Mind Pump. (45:09)
  • 'I'm Not Racist' is the brutal race conversation nobody wants to have. (51:00)
  • The Pepsi Challenge. Marketing and advertising at their finest. (52:30)
  • Educate yourself and keep an open mind. (54:30)

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