Show Notes Ep. 832 - How to Prevent & Eliminate Pain

  • How many “snowflakes” listen to Mind Pump? The true message behind the podcast and why they sometimes “ruffle” people feathers. (3:35)
  • Why people continue to play the victim role and how to snap out of it. (8:30)
  • Is being privileged an advantage? The privileged hierarchy chart and putting people in boxes. (19:20)
  • How many hours are you actually doing “productive” work while on the job? Why people aren’t fulfilled nor have a purpose and ways companies are trying to make their employees more productive.  (26:40)
  • What happened to free speech? The inconsistencies of social media platforms and what people can or cannot say. (31:00)
  • The diversity of America and why we should continue to encourage innovation and progress. (40:00)
  • Would you want to hear a vegan bodybuilder on Mind Pump? When nutrition becomes a belief system. (44:00)
  • Why we need to do the due diligence after our workouts to alleviate pain. Adam shares his recent shoulder injury and why we need to listen to our bodies signals. (50:25)
  • How to Prevent & Eliminate Pain. (56:25)
    • Mind Pump’s go-to moves to eliminate pain. (1:22:13)

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