Show Notes Ep. 831 - How to Stop Binging & Obsessing About Food, the Importance of Oral Health, the Best Approach for Losing Fat after a Reverse Diet & MORE

  • What is the guy’s one bad trait? (5:00)
  • Sal’s “All Day” Training Experiment results revealed. How did he feel? What did he eat? Overall impact on his body the next day? (7:44)
  • Take pride in ownership of the things you build with your own hands. Justin’s Tree House project for his kids and how much fun he is having working with them. (22:32)
  • Adam the Builder. Poll: Long time listeners, do you believe Adam can do things around the house himself or pay for someone to do it? (25:48)
  • Has gender neutrality finally gone too far? Could we potentially see the decline of the popularity of CrossFit? CrossFit to Allow Transgender Athletes to Compete According To Identity in 2019. (27:40)
  • Do you call bullshit? The guy’s discuss Emily Abbott’s interview following her ban from CrossFit. (38:40)
  • Why it’s better to own your body and should be responsible for what you may or may not do to it. (46:00)
  • How the goal is still to always to eat whole foods. Has Adam  implemented protein shakes into his diet, on consistent basis, since starting the challenge? (51:35)
  • The benefits of consuming the egg yolk only and not the egg white. (54:13)
  • #Quah question #1 – What is a good approach for fat loss after a reverse diet? (56:39)
  • #Quah question #2 - How do you create a better relationship with food and stop binging or constantly thinking about food? (1:11:09)
  • #Quah question #3 – Can you talk about oral health and its connection to overall health? (1:24:13)
  • #Quah question #4 – Is it necessary to follow a “non-compete” contract when you quit one place to be a trainer at another? (1:33:44)

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