Show Notes Ep. 830 - The Value of Tracking, Having a Purpose & Knowing How to Listen to Your Body to Maximize Your Fitness, Energy & Health

  • Do you get a one week fashion pass when you are moving? The guys talk cross branding, their fashion evolution and Adam’s fashion faux pas. (3:52)
  • The rise of the music industry and how technology has played a part in its advancement. Has music gone down in quality or is it a sign of the times? (11:35)
  • The barrier to entry on YouTube and how the bar has been raised on your business plan to succeed. (18:40)
  • The importance of DEFINING YOUR WHY/HAVING A PURPOSE to thrive in life and any business venture. (23:31)
  • The ability to lead from the front, work from WHERE YOU ARE AT to achieve greater health/fitness results. (31:40)
  • The Value of Tracking, Knowing How to Listen to Your Body to Maximize Your Fitness, Energy & Health. (41:20)
  • What are the greatest lessons they have learned from the current “6 Week Fitness Challenge” going on? (48:20)
  • What things are they becoming hyper aware of? Things they are changing going into Week 3? (57:41)
  • Sal’s fitness experiment is finally coming to light! What he will be doing step by step, eating and how he will monitor his progress? (1:02:58)

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