Show Notes Ep. 829 - Best Exercises to Build a 6-Pack, How to Eat Healthy on the Road, Barbell Shrug Variations & MORE

  • What are Doug’s thoughts on the Mind Pump Media website and the platform’s they built it on early on? The rapid growth of the e-commerce market. (4:34)
  • The Dark Side of the Multi-Level Marketing Business (MLM). The trap of how to make more money if you spend more money! (9:25)
    • Are Masterminds the new MLM? When will this bubble burst? (19:30)
    • Why they ultimately are not sustainable and feel predatory. (22:15)
    • How to fight it with “good” information. Why we want to educated consumers to realize their own power. (26:10)
  • Should owners have a “Right to Repair?” Soon, You'll Be Able to Repair Your Tesla Yourself. The guys sound off on regulations across the country. (31:00)
  • Judge Blocks Attempt to Post Blueprints for 3D Guns. The wealth of the future compared to the wealth of today. (35:27)
  • The hierarchy of values and what you believe in. (40:00)
  • What will be of value in the new economy? (42:25)
  • It is enjoyable to drink something different. The guy’s share their favorite LIFEAID drinks. (49:22)
  • Out of all the products they are sponsored by, which ones do they use the most? (52:25)
  • Justin’s dog, the canine version of himself. (53:25)
  • Dog’s just being dogs. Adam shares how his bulldogs have acclimated to their new home. (55:30)
  • #Quah question #1 – What are some easy meals or snacks to take on the road that are healthy? Also, some good exercises to do on the road? (59:26)
  • #Quah question #2 – Would using machines for heavy ab work be the same as some of the exercises in the No BS 6-Pack program? (1:08:32)
  • #Quah question #3 – Is cheese always unhealthy? What are the benefits, if any? (1:16:53)
  • #Quah question #4 - How do I stop nudging my sack when doing barbell shrugs? (1:29:19)

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