Show Notes Ep. 827 - Bishop Barron - Using YouTube & Social Media to Demystify Christianity & God

  • How did he get into new media to evangelize the Catholic Church? (7:39)
  • Why does he feel there is so much push back with new media and the Church? (14:03)
  • Senseless suffering and the misuse of freedom. If God exists and is so loving, why is there so much bad and evil in the world? (17:42)
  • Why free will? (26:21)
  • The mystery of evil. Why people dismiss signs and free will. (30:00)
  • Is it possible to have a Utopian world? How the mass is the Utopia. (32:10)
  • Are we in a spiritual crisis right now? How the only thing worse than getting what you want, is NOT getting what you want. (34:11)
  • How do you know what parts of the Bible to literalize and parts to not? (39:44)
  • What point did they select the gospels within the Bible? Finding the text to best reflect your faith. (44:09)
  • How do we reconcile the differences between the Old Testament and New Testament? (46:29)
  • What would God say about the “Gender Neutrality Movement”? (50:31)
  • What is God? (52:22)
  • When did the separation happen between Science and The Church? Why he is a sworn opponent of “Scientism.”(56:35)
  • How do you defend morality as an objective form of thinking? His thoughts on the coined term “Christian Atheists.” (1:03:50)
  • How would he argue Christianity as the end all be all religion? Why there are elements of truth in all religions. (1:07:56)
  • Can someone have a GOOD relationship with God and NOT practice in it? (1:13:17)
  • How does he feel about the resurgence of psychedelics? Why you should be cautious of unearned wisdom. (1:14:47)
  • His thoughts on open relationships? (1:19:10)
  • Why can’t priests get married? The spiritual value of celibacy. (1:20:14)
  • The deep unfairness of Christianity. Why do people pick on it more than other religions? (1:25:56)
  • What are the biggest challenges facing The Church in the future? (1:29:20)

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