Show Notes Ep. 817 - Ryan Michler on Toxic Masculinity, What it Means to be a Man & Fatherhood

  • How long has he been podcasting for? (3:39)
  • What it MEANS to be a MAN and why that saying is so controversial? (5:31)
  • How men have lost their purpose. (11:44)
  • The rite of passage. How do we teach our sons what it means to be a man? (13:15)
  • Why there is no problem with being different and why certain stereotypes exist. (21:00)
  • What is Toxic Masculinity? (24:35)
  • Why there is a time and a place for emotions and other times it’s time to MAN UP! (26:24)
  • Are men becoming more homogeneous? What current things are affecting masculinity the most? (37:10)
  • What are his thoughts on male role models in society? (41:50)
  • Does he have plans to monitor his kids use of social media? The problems he sees with it? Advice for parents? (44:04)
  • What are his thoughts on the current education system? (48:39)
  • How did he turn “dying masculinity” into a business? The creation of the Brotherhood, Iron Counsel. (58:00)
  • Why do men give each other a hard time? The importance of telling the truth and having trust/credibility. (1:06:50)
  • Why we should teach our kids emotional resiliency. (1:12:55)
  • Why fatherhood is so important. (1:19:54)
  • Why does he think the suicide rate is so high among men who have served in the military? (1:21:00)

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