Show Notes Ep. 815 - Going Deeper with Sex with Emily

  • Can your nipples have orgasms? Introducing the womanizer and how orgasms can happen from the brain. (5:31)
  • Which sex toy has given her the biggest orgasm? (8:21)
  • Is it true that women start masturbating earlier than men? First time she used a sex toy? (11:00)
  • What is her sexual timeline? (13:40)
    • Her first experience at a sex party. (16:40)
    • Threesome? (23:00)
  • Who feels the shame-over? Why you shouldn’t feel shame and fear over sex. (25:15)
  • Does she ever caution people on the over-use of sex toys? The importance of teasing yourself to find new paths to pleasure. (27:19)
  • Breaking the myth that men should always be ready to go. (31:08)
  • Tips for couples who have a baby and how they can get over the sexual plateau. (32:45)
  • Breaking up the routine, the importance of vacation sex and how to keep up the momentum after. (36:14)
  • What are her thoughts on the trends among generations (i.e. LUGS and BUGS, dating apps & MORE)? (39:32)
  • What are her thoughts on the different porn searches? Fetishes? (46:50)
  • Is she pro or con on the A.I sex robots? (50:14)
  • What steps can women take to find her G Spot? (54:45)
  • What’s Trending on Sex with Emily? (56:50)
  • Emily goes deep on her relationship with her current boyfriend. (1:02:20)

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