Show Notes Ep. 812 - Dr. Drew & "Psycho Mike" Catherwood of Swole Patrol

  • By audience request, why did they decide to start Swole Patrol Podcast? (4:18)
  • The “religion-osity” around nutrition and diets. Drew shares his experience with the ketogenic diet. (6:30)
  • What are their thoughts on the carnivore diet? Vegan community? (20:09)
  • Breaking the chain and your relationship with food, the fasting trend. (25:50)
  • The benefits of resistance training for longevity. (31:35)
  • Our nation's “addiction” to technology and their devices. (34:58)
  • The scary truth of Adderall and the rise of childhood ADHD. (38:10)
  • Mike opens up about his bodybuilding days and what initially got him into the sport of competing. (48:29)
  • From the wannabe rock star to radio broadcaster. How did Mike get into what he is doing now? (59:18)
  • Was there any milestone or point when he realized he had made it?
  • How did Swole Patrol come about? Why he decided to resign from Loveline? (1:05:15)
  • Does he find podcasting therapeutic? (1:09:28)
  • Has there been any friction between Mike and Drew because of Drew’s profession? (1:13:13)
  • Does he currently take any supplements? How there is no good or bad drug, it’s how you consume it. (1:17:20)
  • What does his current training look like? (1:20:38)
  • What consumes his time now? Does he see differences between the different broadcast mediums? (1:22:11)
  • Has Hollywood changed with the domination of platforms like Netflix and Hulu? (1:26:40)
  • Any guests he has rubbed the wrong way? (1:28:57)

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