Show Notes Ep. 810 - The Value of Motivation in Fitness & Life Success

  • Is weed becoming uncool? The guy’s talk about “canna sexuality” and they latest way to use cannabis. (2:25)
  • How often to people have sex? What qualifies as “good” sex? The guy’s get personal and talk about their own sex lives. (8:02)
  • The challenge of keeping up your sex life after having children; for men and women. (21:44)
  • Is there a collation of your fitness/health level and your sex life? (25:06)
  • How do they get their partner in the mood? (28:04)
  • The Value of Motivation in Fitness & Life Success (36:10)
  • Do Pay Cuts Equal NBA Championships? Are these “super teams” ruining the game? (1:04:00)

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