Show Notes Ep. 807 - Mind Pump's Life Lessons

  • Is Instagram/Facebook the new Yearbook? The guy’s share from each other’s High School Yearbook. (2:53)
  • Do the same click’s that existed then, still around now? (11:10)
  • Why the guy’s enjoyed the social side of school, rather than the educational part. (14:05)
  • How exercise/lifting weights can be a lesson in life and hard work. (17:33)
  • The moments they knew they were meant to do something. Why you should go all in on your strengths and not focus on your weaknesses. (24:16)
  • What attributes from high school are playing a part in their current business? (28:38)
  • Do they remember big shifts in the evolution of their thinking? (36:45)
  • That one time Adam got arrested and the lessons he learned from it. (45:29)
  • The values of customs in cultures. (56:00)
  • What money lessons did they learn growing up? (1:06:45)
  • The guy’s share stories of money they shouldn’t have spent. (1:15:15)

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