Show Notes Ep. 805-Bryan Papé of MiiR

  • Cronyism and your purchasing power in giving back to environment. (7:24)
  • How if you’re not adding value to your products, you will fail. (10:57)
  • Why he felt like a tool growing up? Bryan shares his superhero origin story from growing up with the privilege of experiences to the art of finding discipline in him. (13:40)
  • The Expectation of Excellence. Did he ever feel the pressure of his parents comparing him to his siblings? (22:45)
  • Are there things that stand out to him that he wants to bring to his children? (26:25)
  • What lessons has he learned from his daughter? (31:35)
  • How does he find the balance to being hands on father to his growing business? (33:24)
  • What ego checking event changed the course of his life? (37:00)
  • The successes of his early business ventures and the biggest take-away into his business methods today. (50:03)
  • What series of events brought him to MIIR? (52:30)
  • Have there been milestones that have catapulted the business? (54:43)
  • The benefits of becoming a B Corp and is there competition between them? (59:08)
  • Has the company been successful from the start? (1:01:39)
  • Was there any time he wanted to get out of the business to make more money or better opportunities? (1:03:45)
  • How important is autonomy to his legacy? (1:08:10)
  • The low barrier to entry and how EVERYONE can be an entrepreneur these days. (1:11:00)
  • Does he have a fear of failure? (1:14:02)
  • Does he have people within his company that are polar opposite from him? (1:15:22)
  • What are some of the biggest mistakes the company has made? (1:19:23)
  • Product to Project. How does MIIR give back? Choose to partner with? (1:25:55)
  • Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business. (1:36:55)
  • How does he stay active now and healthy? Fitness goals? (1:43:30)

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