Show Notes Ep. 802-How to Succeed in the Fitness Business

  • Holy Pants! Adam and Sal have intervention with Justin about his diet. (3:02)
  • Does everyone exaggerate their workouts?? Being athletic, viral videos and overall physical abilities. (5:45)
  • The Bill Cosby Game: You can have all the things you can imagine, yet you have a micro penis. Would you take the offer? (8:50)
  • Put on your tin foil hats! The guys share their conspiracy theories on Trump’s proposed Space Force. (13:55)
  • Will the destruction of mankind be self-inflicted?  The Supervolcano underneath Yellowstone National Park and if/when it implodes what will be the consequences.  (21:40)
  • Are you as awesome as you think you are? People’s egos get bigger after meditation and yoga, says a new study. (24:30)
  • Is it a niche or broad system? Mark Mastrov has partnered up with the NFL to create “team branded” gyms. (29:58)
  • How to Succeed in the Fitness Business. Sal, Adam & Justin discuss the business of fitness and how to succeed as a trainer or gym owner. (49:25)

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