Show Notes Ep. 800 - Mind Pump's Dark Secrets & MORE

  • Does Adam feel guilty about his friendship with Sal and Justin? Episode 800 is HERE and they get sentimental about PARTNERSHIP and the amount of hours they have spent together in a short amount of time. (4:55)
  • How to evaluate your state changes and WHY you feel the way you do. (13:50)
  • Are the guys in the honeymoon stage? Why it is important to challenge yourself, change the season of your life and have a purpose. (18:30)
  • How the biggest mistake you can make in business is not EVOLVING. The art of advertising in the podcast space. (23:10)
  • What is something the guys DON’T know about one another that would make them laugh? (30:48)
  • What are guy’s TRIGGER’S? The time’s they have gotten upset with one another? (41:48)
  • The responsibility of LEADERSHIP within a company or organization and the constant struggle of GROWING the business. (56:40)
  • Why you should always MOVE FORWARD and embrace the UNKNOWN ahead of you. (1:01:10)
  • Beware of unearned wisdom. The PROS/CONS of the “pill” of psychedelic journeys to discover yourself and why you shouldn’t strive for the finish line. (1:08:45)
  • Your relationship with food and how you learn to VALUE your body when you FUEL it properly. (1:18:30)
  • The importance of following a set program and tracking to take you to another level of awareness. (1:27:15)
  • Mind Pump, “The Nordstrom of Online Programming.” Why proper programming is superior over the majority of online programs who want to train you the HARDEST. (1:33:00)
  • The guys address the haters and how you get what you attract. (1:45:06)
  • What is in store for Mind Pump? (1:51:45)

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