Show Notes Ep. 797 - Fitness Rules to Break to Maximize Gains

  • Justin sing-alongs and preparing for their upcoming #PodcastHard trip to LA. (2:36)
  • What are the biggest differences between Men and Women? What are the silliest nicknames they have heard or been given? (4:27)
  • How to navigate being a parent today with the anti-bullying campaign. How do you allow certain things to happen? Where do you draw the line? (10:00)
  • Is Adam going for the Ryan Gosling body type? How there is something to be said about muscle building genetics and hyperplasia. (12:50)
  • Is it possible to get your body back to the levels you were at before taking testosterone? The guys share their EverlyWell test results and in typical Mind Pump fashion turn it into a competition. (18:58)
  • Fitness Rules to Break to Maximize Gains: How there are times when straying from what is held as truth can actually accelerate your progress. (36:57)
  • How it helps to follow a pre-written program. The guys talk MAPS Split and the benefits of changing up your fitness programming/nutrition. (1:06:30)

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