Show Notes Ep. 795 – The Beach Broadcast

  • Going down the Megan’s Law Rabbit Hole. How men are winning the wrong games. (5:03)
  • What elements of the gym setting do the guy’s miss the most? (9:10)
  • The ability to connect with like minded individuals while gaining knowledge. The benefits of starting a podcast and what type of formula they prefer. (17:04)
  • The Purpose Behind Your Mission. How it is harder to fake podcasting than any other medium. (24:30)
  • The Low Barrier to Entry for Podcasters, Dying Model of Radio Shows and the Power of Social Media Currency. (27:55)
  • Do you buy into splitting California into 3 states? The guy’s weigh in on this debate. (35:44)
  • The Fear of Missing Out and Busting Each Other’s Balls. Justin forgets his phone and the guy’s starter pack memes. (41:10)
  • The guy’s tell the story of the ONE TIME they kicked out a forum member. (44:30)
  • Why is it our primal instinct to seek conflict? The guy’s share their thoughts on shows like Jerry Springer and what they find disgusting about human behavior. (52:00)
  • Can you imagine being born into a society, like North Korea, and have complete control over you? The idea that certain people like to be lead vs. having your own thoughts/opinions. (56:10)
  • Motivation of fear or being knowledgeable. Great debate into should people be imprisoned for doing something bad to themselves? (1:02:35)
  • How you cannot put too much power in one direction. The pros/cons of China's social credit system. (1:07:00)
  • How to teach kids “How to think” and not “What to think.” The growth of entrepreneurship and is it losing its cool? (1:14:10)
  • The Definition of Scaling. Can you start a brick in mortar today? Hack your way to the top? (1:19:15)
  • If Mind Pump was a rock band and the future of the business. (1:24:15)

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