Show Notes Ep. 792 - Of Mice & Mind Pump Men

  • The Monumental Event of the Trump-Kim Meeting and Why It Matters? (2:11)
  • What will they do next?? Apple Unveils New Screen-Time Controls With iOS 12. (7:00)
  • Worst public bathroom experience, Justin's close call with an aggressive rodent and the guy’s share disturbing stories involving rodents. (8:20)
  • Once Upon a Time when Adam Owned a Cat… (20:43)
  • Mind Pump’s favorite shows on TV. (25:13)
  • Cultural stereotypes and funny stories. (27:20)
  • Which one do you like better? When your mom and girlfriend battle it out for your approval of their food. (29:45)
  • Getting caught in the act! The guy’s share stories of themselves, friends and family members catching them doing/seeing disturbing things. (32:40)
  • Could you imagine Mind Pump selling sex toys?! (36:59)
  • Does Guy Code Still Exist?! The guy’s share stories of other men hitting on their girlfriends, having too much confidence, jealousy & MORE. (41:05)
  • When was the last time the guy’s felt insecure in their relationship? (51:45)
  • The devastation of being cheating on. The science and difference of mindset between men and women when it comes to infidelity. (58:15)
  • The challenge of being in a relationship with the guys of Mind Pump. (1:05:05)
  • Have they been tempted to check their significant others phone? (1:09:15)
  • The signs when you know your relationship is over and the lessons you can learn from it. (1:12:45)

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