Show Notes Ep. 790 - Mind Pump's Firsts, Pivotal Moments & Lessons from 24 Hour Fitness

  • Where the guys big sitcom watchers? The guy’s remanence about their childhood and Saturday morning cartoons. (2:24)
  • Growing up, living beyond your means and how their parents managed their finances. (8:21)
  • The importance of buying name brands for status and how the sneaker game has changed.  (10:30)
  • Mind Pump FIRSTS:
    • What was the FIRST big purchase they made? (16:49)
    • FIRST kiss? (25:20)
    • FIRST hand job? (34:53)
    • FIRST heartbreak? (43:15)
  • Testosterone fueled foolishness and the trouble they used to get themselves into. (48:56)
  • What were pivotal moments in their lives? (1:07:25)
  • What were the lessons they learned from their time at 24 Hour Fitness? (1:13:20)

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