Show Notes Ep. 787 - The Future of Fitness, Technology & Social Media

  • Was Sal discouraged by his Everly Well testosterone results? (5:30)
  • When will the guys start their cannabis fast? Do they feel the podcast suffer? Positive/negative effects from it? (12:00)
  • Are we in an age of constant digital distraction? Is iPhone posture a real thing? The future of technology and its impact on society. (13:50)
  • Fasting and its correlation to longevity. The Hadza tribe, Ben Greenfield, the guys speculate on why certain groups or people are able to live longer than the norm. (30:30)
  • What will be the big challenges, in the future, in the health/wellness field? The guys speculate on cutting edge health advancements and how they could possibly affect humanity. (37:50)
  • Is the era of Hollywood big budget films ending? The convenience factor of the “streaming mentality.” #PoolofLemons (57:30)
  • Why people are capable of anything. Experts Warn The Rise Of Sex Robots Could Be Dangerous. (1:03:00)
  • The evolution of social media and where the guys see it going in the future. (1:13:57)
  • The tough business of merchandise sales and keeping up with fashion trends. (1:21:57)

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