Show Notes Ep. 782 – Sex with Emily

  • “I have always been fascinated by sex.” She describes her background. (6:48)
  • What are the biggest misconceptions about sex? (10:45)
  • What are her thoughts on the easy access to porn? (17:55)
  • How much, in her opinion, is a healthy dose of masturbation? (20:53)
  • We all have to do the work ourselves. Where did her education come from? (23:44)
  • What is her definition of amazing sex? (26:45)
  • Is sexuality more of a spectrum? What are the biggest challenges about sex? (30:45)
  • What pros does she see to refraining from sex? (34:45)
  • What practices does she teach her clients when it comes to having a healthy sexual relationship? (37:55)
  • Is a squirting orgasm a real thing for women and why does it matter? (44:21)
  • Let’s talk about sex toys. Which ones does she recommend for men and women? (49:45)
  • What common sexual mistakes does she see men/women make? (56:51)
  • Is there a healthy/unhealthy amount of sex a couple should be having? (1:01:21)
  • What are her views on “open” relationships? (1:06:50)
  • Should the man always be the dominant in the bedroom? (1:16:30)
  • What are the common bad habits couples make? (1:17:55)
  • Where does the term “whore-gasm” come from? (1:19:00)
  • Are their supplements/herbs for better arousal? (1:21:50)

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