Show Notes Ep. 777- Tero Isokauppila- The Magic of Mushrooms & the Real Story of Santa Claus

  • What made him get into mushrooms? (5:20)
  • The Real Story of Santa Claus and the Mushrooms. (8:16)
  • How in 2006, he won a Finnish innovation award for discovering that the sought-after Japanese culinary matsutake mushrooms also grow in Finland. (13:20)
  • What makes these mushrooms so functional and the benefits of them? (15:35)
  • The boot camp for the body. How mushrooms operate in the human body and why we should be consuming them? (22:17)
  • Mushrooms the cleaners of the forest. The importance of buying organic or not. (25:50)
  • The cycle of life in the eyes of fungi. (31:20)
  • Practices and the proper preparation to consume mushroom products. (33:11)
  • The extraction process that Four Sigmatic uses to separate their products from the rest. (35:50)
    • The top 3 underrated topics people are not talking about? (42:00)
  • What are the traditional uses of the chaga mushroom? (46:44)
  • What made him start his company Four Sigmatic? (51:51)
  • The importance of new media and why they decided to support podcasts. (55:25)
  • The business story of the Four Sigmatic origins. (57:40)
  • How to control your reality and expectations. (1:08:50)
  • What is in store for the future of the company? (1:11:03)

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