Show Notes Ep 772 - Drew Canole- Behind the Scenes at Organifi

  • Creating a Culture for Success. Drew explains the tagline, “We are in this together.” (6:12)
  • I Was Chasing Money. His early jobs, allowing the ego to take over and the person who jump started his transformation. (9:53)
  • You Are the Average of Your 5 Closest Friends. Drew shares a dream he experienced and how it changed the course of his life. (13:45)
  • A Series of Traumatic Events. He openly shares his troubling upbringing and why “You are enough.” (18:14)
  • The practices he implements every day to set his life up for success. (22:37)
  • How as an entrepreneur you need to live outside your head. (27:40)
  • He explains how money has no power in the present. (29:27)
  • The non-negotiables in his relationships. (31:00)
  • His Love Language and definition of a male. (36:15)
  • The most important lessons he learned from his parents. (42:00)
  • We Like to Stay in Our Lane. The core values of Organifi and how the separate themselves in an oversaturated market. (44:00)
  • I am motivated by impact, not money. Why he doesn’t sacrifice quantity for quality when it comes to his products. (47:40)
  • Compare vs. Connecting with other people. (51:40)
  • Creating a Life for Himself. His daily routine and how he balances work and life. (53:15)
  • What are the biggest challenges and fears he sees with the growth of the company? (56:20)
  • The Deep Impact of Podcasting and how does the company deal with the ever changing algorithms of the social media platforms. (1:02:00)
  • The Brilliance of being a Renaissance Man. (1:04:40)

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