Show Notes Ep 770 - Paul Chek Takes Mind Pump to Infinity & Beyond

  • Practice what you preach. The challenge of dealing with change and complexities. (5:33)
  • Stick to the fucking basics. Why you need to have a love spell with yourself. (11:20)
  • The frustration of the “Fast Food Education” version of what he practices. (14:00)
  • Understanding the anatomy of your psyche. (18:50)
  • The Nature of God. What drives his actions and beliefs. (21:30)
  • How we are a tree of cosmic information. (27:20)
  • Paul’s definition and explanation of L.0.V.E. (31:30)
  • Consciousness within. Do we have a soul? (36:20)
  • Spiritual righteousness. His take on the misuse of psychedelics. (40:30)
  • Learning how to focus his mind and being in the flow state. (49:00)
  • Spiritual pride and the science behind why Males reach enlightenment quicker than Females. (57:28)
  • The Four Doctors to trump your biohacking practices. (1:05:20)
    • 1:07:00 (One liner!!)
  • What people give him soul medicine? (1:18:55)
  • The Pain Teacher. How to stay on course and in the right direction. (1:24:00)
  • Why we need to stop abusing ourselves through science and technology. (1:35:00)
  • How faster is not smarter or better. Technology is the new processed food. (1:44:45)
  • Paul’s crisis of self and how he healed himself through giving up power. (1:52:00)
  • The negativa vs. positivia. (2:02:50)
  • A moral is a code of conduct to protect life. Final thoughts and are we at a crossroads when it comes to science and religion. (2:12:00)

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