Show Notes Ep 767 - Ben Greenfield Bares All

  • I want people to have an experience. Ben opens up on his new brand, Kion, and how it has been received so far. (5:17)
  • Ben on podcasting, analytics, his wheel space and “What’s hot” on iTunes. (14:15)
  • Ben’s Rules for Life: His traveling tips, walking after eating and the benefits of hot/cold contrast. (19:15)
  • Let’s get down to it…the science/process behind the benefits of doing a coffee enema. (31:37)
  • The “Dick Hacker, Cock Warlock.” The crazy things he has done in the name of science to his lower region. (39:58)
  • His experience on The Joe Rogan Experience. (49:10)
  • Ben bares all. His relationship with his wife, being a good father and practices he does to keep homeostasis in the Greenfield Household. (50:40)
  • Connecting with your soul and finding your purpose. Ben opens up about religion, his experiences with plant medicine and how his community/audience receives his message. (1:05:34)
  • Looking for the next pretty penny. What scares him when it comes to our future? (1:21:52)

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