Show Notes Ep 765 - Kyle Kingsbury

  • Like attracts like. Psychedelic talk for love making and doing what you want to your body. (3:58)
  • Have a level of respect for what you are doing. Who/what does he recommend you look to for information/education regarding psychedelics?  (11:17)
  • Ayahuasca is in a league of its own. How everyone climbs their own mountain. (15:45)
  • Being more mindful of where you step. The benefits of going barefoot. (17:33)
  • Fast for muscle gain. His current workout routine/practices and how he trains his body for overall human function. (21:34)
  • Staying humble and calm under tough circumstances. The evolution of ju-jitsu and how he uses it in his life. (28:00)
  • The word on the street. The guys speculate why certain people/brands were absent from Paleo f(x). (38:55)
  • “The Crisis of Masculinity.” The guys share their opinions on the #MeToo movement and political climate in this country. (41:45)
  • I have always felt I have the gift of gab. The biggest learning curves he has encountered in his new position as Director of Human Optimization? (52:40)
  • Guys share their love and funny stories of Ben Greenfield. (1:02:25)
  • Better than fighting. Kyle opens up about his salary at ONNIT. (1:05:00)
  • The willingness and change to grow together. Family is a TEAM sport. (1:07:00)
  • Important to expose people to things outside of their wheelhouse.  His growth in the past year in the podcast space. (1:15:10)
  • The future of ONNIT for himself and beyond. (1:26:00)
  • Learn through experience. The importance of giving back to the world with the knowledge you learn. (1:33:15)

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