Show Notes Ep 762 - Barbell Shrugged- Unusual CrossFit History & MORE

  • The Shrugged Collective. A creative hub under the Barbell Shrugged umbrella and the pros/cons of starting a new podcast. (5:11)
  • The New Standard. The practices the guys put in place to stand out in the podcasting world. (12:21)
  • The profound wisdom of Paul Chek. (17:50)
  • The power of frequency. The importance is releasing more shows in this content war game. (21:30)
  • #PodcastingHard. Is the juice worth the squeeze? (23:53)
  • The State of CrossFit. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (30:21)
  • Saw the writing on the wall. The origin story of Barbell Shrugged and the opportunities/failures they encountered along the way. (48:00)
  • Analysis by Paralysis. Grow a successful business through your failures and having no ego. (57:14)
  • Real people are listening. The impact of your community. (1:09:00)
  • The future for Barbell Shrugged and beyond. (1:14:25)
  • Single piece of advice for someone starting a new podcast or venture. (1:20:00)
  • The worst jobs they have ever had. (1:24:56)

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