Show Notes Ep 760 - Paleo f(x) Wrap-Up with the Mind Pump Crew

  • Mind Pump Crew Recaps Paleo f(x) trip so far…
    • The honest impact they have had on their community. (6:07)
    • The Good, the Bad & the Ugly product/company wise. (13:30)
    • The funniest moments they experienced. (20:20)
  • Austin is for lovers. The crew shares their passion for Austin and one of their favorite gym environments of all time. (22:20)
  • Favorite gym they have ever worked out in and what amenities attract them. (31:17)
  • The Art of Achieving Flow State and what experiences have gotten them there. (37:15)
  • Rivalry and the crazy shit that went down during their high school days. (46:27)
  • Worth Ethic, Talent and what is required to succeed in life. (50:00)
  • Top golf, Taylor’s hair care tips, their heaviest weight & more. (57:00)
  • What inspired them to start lifting weights? (1:08:30)
  • Connections and Grown Mindset. Who gets the co-sign from the Mind Pump Crew? (1:18:15)
  • Calling it like they see it. The bullshit they saw at the event and final thoughts. (1:26:15)

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