Show Notes Ep 754 - 420 SPECIAL- 19th Century Muscle Building Wisdom, Unexpected Muscle Building Exercises, Cannabis...the Good, the Bad & the Ugly & MORE

  • Old time training wisdom from the 19th Century strongmen. Prepare for the nugget bombs! (3:42)
  • The muscle building benefits of adding unexpected/unconventional exercises to your programming. (20:57)
  • Look at workouts as practice and every now and then you compete. How motivation is bullshit. (29:25)
  • The guys share stories of when they first saw people doing squats/deadlifts in the gym and their personal records. (42:00)
  • Trends for business success with VR in sports and porn. (54:40)
  • The new normal. Tattoos and body modifications and being able to do what we want to our own bodies. (58:00)
  • Cannabis...the Good, the Bad & the Ugly (1:08:45)
  • Mind Pump goes down memory lane…the Brilliant, the Awful & the Hysterical tales from the past.  (1:42:40)

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