Show Notes Ep 752 - Kristen Ulmer- The Art of Fear

  • Voted most fearless women extreme athlete! Kristen’s fascinating background. (5:40)
  • Felt like a fraud. The transition from repressing fear to embracing the fear. (11:13)
  • The Brain: The Manufacturing Plant for Fear. (18:45)
  • Why do we cry tears of joy? (22:23)
  • Pushing your fear to the basement. The repression of fear that causes panic attacks. (25:00)
  • Fear was my greatest motivator. I felt invisible as a child. Her addiction to fear and how it made her feel alive. (27:55)
  • How we SHOULD talk to fear. (35:00)
  • Tips to become FEARLESS. (38:42)
  • Building your fear practice. Live practical methods to make friends with your fear. (41:53)
  • PTSD: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder redefined as PTRD: Post-Traumatic Repression Disorder. (55:40)
    • 5 Primary Emotions (1:03:45)
  • Have an intimate relationship with fear. Steps you can take NOW to deal with fear. (1:06:34)
  • Masculinity to femininity. How her parents have shaped her. (1:17:20)
  • Be willing to feel your fear and emotions. What has been the reaction to her book from men and women? (1:21:35)
  • What is my relationship with myself TODAY? How to understand your false-self persona. (1:24:50)

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