Show Notes Ep 750 - How to Avoid Muscle Building Plateaus by Escaping the Breakdown/Recovery Trap

  • Instagram models rule the internet. The guys discuss the explosion of Instagram models and how they build a successful business. (2:56)
  • Mind Pump most awkward moments. Personal stories are shared from moments they saw clients outside of work. (9:21)
  • Digital pimping. The great debate: Who are people paying to see? Men or women models? The guys share their opinions based on the market. (12:18)
  • New excuses, there is never a reason to carry a knife. Sal shares a recent Instagram post he made regarding London's murder rate surpassing New York for 1st time ever and should we have access to weapons or not? (16:57)
  • Artificial sweeteners: Good or bad? The guys share their thoughts on a recent study that came out regarding Splenda and its impact on the microbiome. (21:36)
  • Nature doesn’t make bad fats, humans do. How we tend to overcomplicate things. (32:27)
  • The Breakdown Recovery Trap. The guys go into great depth on the trap that many people fall into where they work out, get sore, recover and DON'T adapt (AKA grow). Find out how to really elicit the changes you want in your body. (36:45)
    • Be open minded enough to do the opposite of what you always hear.
    • Do as little as possible to elicit the most change.
    • I’m not in the business of working out; I’m in the business of proving I can change my physique.
    • Efficiency vs. burning yourself out.
    • The competition of being the trainer known for destroying their clients.
    • You don’t have to WIN your workout.

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