Show Notes Ep 747 - Jerry Robinson's Financial Fitness Wake-Up Call

  • The book changed my life. Jerry shares his background, religious upbringing and the moment that sparked his passion. (4:44)
  • Economists rule the world. Where did his knowledge come from? (6:24)
  • The Gold Standard. He explains the concept in great detail and its impact on the US dollar. (9:14)
  • Automatic increase in demand for the US dollar. The golf ball scenario, creation of the petrodollar system and its connection to our allies. (18:15)
  • The death of Britain and rise of United States. The origin story of the Federal Reserve and how money is debt. (26:25)
  • Breaking free from the consumption trap. How the richer we get in America, the more we tend to buy not produce. (36:40)
  • Faith in currency goes down, alternative methods go up. The recent rise of cryptocurrency/bitcoin, the pros/cons and should you invest in them. (40:38)
  • How economists lie with numbers. He explains the indicators to look at when it comes to how our economy is doing. (52:15)
  • Student loans and interest rates bubble. He gives his opinion on the default mindset to go to college, in a market economy, and alternate methods to look at. (58:00)
  • The only way to pay it off is with more debt. The explanation of the US National Debt and who this money is owed to. (1:06:00)
  • How to identify what cycle we are at. Does he believe we are due for a crash? (1:14:53)
  • All of them are playing the rigged game. What Presidents, in his opinion, have contributed the most to our National Debt? (1:19:25)
  • You cannot get away with not sacrificing. The greatest lessons we have learned. (1:21:53)
  • You have got to have a plan; the government will not take care of you. The need to develop multiple streams of income and tips on how to prepare for the future. (1:33:24)
  • What companies fascinate/excite him? (1:45:00)
  • Final thoughts and where does he see AI playing a part into the economy? (1:47:30)

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