Show Notes Ep 745 - How to Improve Focus, Sleep & Meditation with CEO Dan Clark

  • This is going to be huge! How he wanted to contribute to society and the story of how he found (8:10)
  • Neuro phase locking. The science behind the difference between binaural beats and (9:45)
  • Headphones are able to control the sounds. The great debate, do headphones vs. a speaker work better? (16:03)
  • Music is designed to enhance what your brain is doing.  The science of how the brain is always searching for distraction. (18:54)
  • is a consumer product first, but also a plus one product. How this could be a step before prescribing medication and the Government grants they just got approved. (23:10)
  • Training your brain to zone in. Can the brain become adapted to their sounds? (27:25)
  • People get it differently. The variance across the board of how their products help people. (30:15)
  • Focus on getting their products stable. What are they focused on and does marketing play a big part into their business? (37:24)
  • Help change the world through music. Their price point and how much they charge. (38:40)
  • Make music designed to get you in the zone. Their aim to create music that makes each workout you have, the best one. (39:35)
  • **Disclaimer** - Our whole culture has communicated through sound. What they have in the pipeline and the cutting edge new research they are working on. (47:50)

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