Show Notes Ep 742 - Matt Vincent on How to Build a Successful Apparel Business & MORE

  • Anxiety and nervousness that I don’t have the lingo down. Matt and the guys discuss black markets and marijuana becoming legal in the south. (5:22)
  • It’s been a slow build. Scientifically proven ways to recover from injury. (11:20)
  • As a species we are really good to adapt to stress. Ways to step out of your comfort zone and deal with challenges in your society and life. (18:30)
    • Free market economy deep discussion
    • The burden of taking care of yourself lies within you
  • It’s just a high score I’m trying to beat each month. Matt shares his entrepreneur spirit, internal competition and struggles he has had along the way. (45:23)
  • I have a clear vision of the brand. Skills you need to succeed. (49:49)
  • We are going to avoid the painful interactions. Why ecommerce is the way of the future and going to the store will become irrelevant. (52:45)
  • Limited quantity drives demand. Tips to build a successful apparel line. (56:52)
  • It’s either fuck yes or no. How he goes about creating content for his YouTube channel. (1:18:00)
  • Coolest thing ever is seeing something come to fruition. His unbreakable self confidence in himself to get shit done. (1:24:40)
  • I like the long form conversations. How has he liked the podcasting format so far? Favorite guests? (1:34:39)
  • It’s the hunt and excitement. People skills you need to succeed in sales. (1:44:37)
  • It was like working in the Wild Wild West. Stories from working at a strip club and the misconceptions regarding them. (1:48:00)
    • Eager beats pretty
  • It was an education. From losing his first business, the side jobs he took in between, what he took away from those experiences. (2:00:29)
  • She has always had my back. His mentality to always do the shit work to support himself and his family. (2:08:40)
    • Always have a direction and be willing to side step if obstacles arise
  • Never be afraid to fail. The biggest life lessons he has learned. (2:21:45)

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