Show Notes Ep 740 - The Fascinating Story of Luke Storey

  • Food is religion. The dogmatic approach of how we identify with what we eat. (6:25)
  • When I was a kid I experienced a lot of trauma. How he had to find a way to medicate to deal with his childhood trauma growing up. (12:40)
  • Living the Hollywood dream. From being reformed in boarding school, moving to Hollywood, he shares living the rock n’ roll lifestyle. (21:20)
    • It’s not the poison it’s the dose.
  • My life was on the line in a spiritual sense. The steps he took to get to the level of self-awareness. (27:50)
  • Learning spiritual principles was his gateway drug. (30:45)
  • The need to instill the human connection and community into our children. (32:15)
  • Drugs and alcohol were not the problem, I treated myself like shit. He shares how his sobriety and past trauma has affected his relationships. (34:35)
    • Learning to be comfortable with myself
  • You got to serve. How he has had a happy and meaningful life sharing his life experiences through his podcast. (50:35)
    • Strategies he uses to bring the best out of his guests
    • Most difficult/best guest
  • I always knew I was going to quit that shit. Defining addiction, his process of being sober and has he had any temptations to relapse. (1:05:00)
  • My brand is my lifestyle. How has he dealt with being attached to social media? (1:15:00)
  • I’ve taken a Paleolithic approach. The practices has he put into his own life from guests he has had. (1:20:50)
  • Meditation is invaluable. Luke gives his tips and life hacks to implement into your life now. (1:26:00)
  • The power of influence. What he has in store for his podcast and the future guests he wants to bring on. (1:40:20)

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