Show Notes Ep 737 - John Wolf- Onnit's Chief Fitness Officer

  • The only way we deliver content is at the gym. The importance of the consumer experience and how ONNIT delivers their products/programs. (2:57)
  • I got into fitness as a way to improve myself when I was at my lowest. John tells the story of growing up as a “street pharmacist,” losing close family members and the moment he got mind fucked. (11:25)
  • My perspective was altered by how these good people left. How losing those close family members shook him to his core and built his walls up. (19:24)
  • Mr. Sensistivo. John expresses the power of transparency and how he always aims to be authentic. (24:00)
  • Foundation to my perspective. His path to unconventional training methods and the various practices he did in between. (26:06)
  • My dream wasn’t to serve upper 20%, it was to change lives. (31:49)
  • The top of a short list. The path to ONNIT and how he set himself apart by doing shit no one had seen before. (36:21)
  • John explains his knowledge of the history of kettlebells and Indian clubs (45:30)
    • The stuff that works, sticks!
  • What products excite him currently? (58:15)
  • I’m one of the four horsemen. He shares if there has been any pushback with ONNIT when he collaborates with people outside the company. (1:02:44)
  • The marketing arm is the stickiness of the brand. (1:07:15)
  • Unconventional leadership. He breaks down the 4 C’s of hiring and having the right core group to build character within a team. (1:10:50)

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