Show Notes Ep 735 - Kortney Olson- Fitness Entrepreneur & Watermelon Crusher

  • Always felt uncomfortable in my own skin. She shares being a product of divorce, alcoholic parent, being raped and the impact on her growing up. (6:58)
  • I’ve always been a big girl and the tomboy. How she got into lifting and her longing of being one of the boys. (12:20)
  • KO was my alter ego. She shares personal stories of her internal anger and how it turned into alcoholism. (16:40)
  • Created shell to feel safe. Subconscious spirituality and how she started listening to her higher self. (20:25)
  • The world is not exactly what you think it is. Her introduction and deep dive into the muscle fetish world. (26:05)
    • Bedroom Boom
  • I would make more money, to spend more money. How beauty is not what it appears to be. (39:40)
    • “Confidence is like lines of coke, they do not last long.”
  • So easy to judge. She shares the story of turning around her career, empowering women and how an article aimed to tear her character down. (42:45)
  • Teaching women self-love. How everything is fake and she explains how there is no such thing as a flaw. (53:00)
    • The more you hate yourself, the worst you are going to treat yourself
    • Time is a man made thing.
  • Women are held back as a gender do to our own undoing. They discuss white privilege, living in the “United States of Offended,” cultural appropriation and moving our society forward. (1:06:48)
    • Form of collectivism
    • This point of this brand is about unity
  • You have to be so committed in what you are doing. Does she feel like she is fighting a losing battle? (1:27:45)
  • As an entrepreneur there is no off switch. Focusing on the essentials of life and finding the right balance. (1:30:33)
    • Talking about things outside of work
  • Women empowering other women. Grrrl Live. She talks about her upcoming event and what to expect. (1:43:20)
    • The clothing is just the flag we fly
    • Freedom from size stigma
    • If you ask, the universe will guide you

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