Show Notes Ep 732 - Max Lugavere- Genius Foods

  • I had a love for storytelling and creating. Max shares his early jobs, working for Al Gore, and how he found his passion for health and psychology. (8:31)
  • When the camera is on, you had to be a higher energy version of yourself. Attention is the new limited resource. How to create respect for your audience and to help people with health literacy. (14:52)
  • Found potions to make me become a superhero. Max explains his nerdiness growing up, passion for comics and how he found a supplement store that sparked his obsession to be a superhero. (20:34)
  • It seems like when I was talking to my mom, I was talking to an elderly person. Max shares the personal story of his mom’s early onset dementia, his call to action and the impact it had on him. (24:00)
    • One pill for every ill
    • Diagnosis and adios
  • Medicine becomes worse than the disease. Max describes the medicine prescribed to his mom and the mind-blowing findings he found while researching them. (34:00)
  • My theory was there had to be something related to diet and lifestyle. Ways to protect your brain through prevention, Alzheimer’s disease being type 3 diabetes and how Max went down the research rabbit hole to find answers. (37:13)
  • It was hard sell, at first, for my mom. Was there any push back when he started to give her his research and nutrition advice? (45:28)
  • Being guilty until proven innocent. Why we don’t need grains in our diet. (49:00)
  • Glucose is the brains gasoline. The pros/cons of putting his mom on the ketogenic diet and the struggles he faced along the way. (52:25)
  • This is something that young people need to talk about. Practices to implement now to not become a slave to your food. (58:15)
  • We have traded acute disease for chronic disease. What is wrong with the current Western Medicine model and how to prevent you from becoming part of the cycle. (1:07:00)
  • Nutritional psychology. The importance of teaching the masses this vital information and gives practical methods how to retain it. (1:14:40)
  • Our brains have lost volume in comparison to our ancestors. The science of why certain foods are optimal for brain health. (1:17:54)
  • Max’s daily food journal. A day in the life of the foods he eats on a daily basis to fuel his brain. (1:23:10)
  • The brain is the battery that makes everything possible and we need to protect it. Final thoughts from Max on his new book and how it is written as the “Ultimate guide for dementia prevention.”

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