Show Notes Ep 730 - Lisa Bilyeu- Quest Nutrition Cofounder & Media Mogul

  • The changing of the guard. How she is enjoying the podcasting format and the conversations that ensue. (7:07)
  • Completely went into thinking we would just have some fun. Living the American Dream and how she met her husband, Tom Bilyeu. (10:27)
  • Understanding your audience and her passion for psychology. The beginnings of “Relationship Theory,” the challenges she has faced along the way and how she is enjoying it so far. (16:45)
  • I try to very conscious of his time. When she puts her foot down in the relationship and the importance of establishing roles. (25:25)
  • I was working for one of the biggest nutrition companies in the world and I couldn’t consume the products. Lisa shares her personal health issues, acknowledging her emotions and how she took it into her own hands. (32:25)
    • Went on strict ketogenic diet
    • Symptoms she was having
  • I would cry for no reason. How Tom was her “sober companion” and never wanting to show weakness. (45:15)
  • Doing something every day that is moving you towards something you love. How she defines success and did she ever feel like an imposter. (50:00)
    • We can’t be preachers of what people eat
  • What is our goal or mission? She shares her feelings of their house becoming a set and the impact it has had on her personal life. (56:58)
  • I want to create impact and change people’s lives. Her greatest fears with all decisions she has made with her various businesses. (1:01:45)
  • You need the money to create the content. How are they creating fictional entertainment to monetize their business? (1:05:30)
    • We want to make noise and disrupt the industry.
  • I can take the worst things and make them the best. What are the greatest/worst attributes that she picked up from her parents? (1:18:13)
  • You just need to know when to switch off. How having the control over what you bring into your life is key to self-awareness and empowerment. (1:22:45)
  • Self-desires. The practices she does with her husband to keep their relationship alive and exciting. (1:32:25)

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