Show Notes Ep 725 - Mikhaila Peterson's Personal Account of Treating Debilitating Disease through Diet

  • Her personal account of her childhood years of dealing with crippling depression and debilitating arthritis. (4:08)
  • Convincing myself that all my problems were gone. Through doing her own research she went on elimination diet and rid herself of her skin issues and arthritis. (25:20)
  • The change in me was so drastic, he couldn’t deny it. How she convinced herself and her dad that an all meat diet was the key to getting her health back. (38:12)
  • My brain was so fuzzy that I can’t remember anything before that. Does she feel different being off all these pain killers? On guard? (52:00)
  • You have to be so paranoid it’s ridiculous. How through her example she has tried to help her parents follow her lead and the difficulties that have come from it. (57:00)
  • You are either really sick and you die or you don’t. Where does her inner strength come from? (1:04:00)
  • I’m going to keep it pretty limited and monitor it. The ways she will feed her baby. (1:07:00)
  • My husband’s parents won’t recognize me. The push back she has received from her own in-laws! (1:10:00)
  • It makes me feel bad that I have felt this pain and not tell anyone about it. What she recommends people to do if they have these issues. (1:14:50)
    • Genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger
  • It hasn’t made much of a difference compared to what I eat. Has exercise played a part in her health improvement? (1:23:40)

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