Show Notes Ep 722 – Layne Norton- Confessions

  • When you lift heavy weights long enough, shit happens. Layne talks about his latest set-back that made him drop out of the Arnold Classic. (3:33)
    • Looseness is the enemy of power – Stuart McGill
  • I live for a comeback. How Layne lives to prove people wrong and challenge himself. (11:37)
  • Forgot what I got into this industry for. The fallout from Avatar Nutrition and getting back to his passion projects. (15:22)
  • Something is so painful to remind you not to do that shit again. He opens up about his affair, hard lessons he has learned, going through therapy and the impact it has had on him mentally. (17:45)
  • How you perceive it that makes the difference. How he finds the mental strength to do the things he does, identity crisis and the trickle down effect it has had in his personal life. (47:00)
  • Dogma. Flexible dieting vs. meal planning and his thoughts on diets. (59:51)
  • I’m a pragmatist before all else. The guys discuss highly processed foods and their impact on the brain. (1:04:40)
  • Never say never. The guys grill Layne on fasting and a deep/scientific conversation ensues. (1:16:18)
  • Everyone has a right to an opinion. Layne talks being called out, fake, his integrity and expressing your opinions based on factual evidence. (1:30:30)
  • People can learn from my mistakes. His final thoughts on his affair and why he put the video out. (1:54:00)

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