Show Notes Ep 720 – Dr. Molly Maloof- High Performance MD to Silicon Valley Executives

  • It’s dead food. The guys recall their first meeting with Dr. Molly and their instant connection to her. (3:41)
  • The introduction to Dr. Molly Maloof. Her background and what she does. (10:56)
  • What is the right diet that works for us? What is currently on her radar as the next best bio hacking device? (14:20)
  • It needs to be a prescription. She explains why the elimination diet should be a meal service. (18:30)
  • Deep desire to know what I was doing in this world. How she found her calling at a young age and talks about growing up a perfectionist. (25:52)
  • I like to get to know people first. The guys grill her on her dating life and she talks about the difficulty of finding the right guy. (29:10)
    • The Peter Pan Syndrome
  • Help to understand what is going on in people’s bodies; people are eating their feelings. Looking at a person’s lifestyle from all directions. (36:15)
  • We need health to meet our purpose in life. Her studies of Eastern Medicine and how she relates it into her practices. (40:40)
  • How can I optimize my health besides my demands? She discusses infertility in men and women and the impact on their overall health. (45:50)
  • A lot of people want the shortcuts. Deep discussion into psychedelics and the overuse of them. (54:00)
  • Everyone needs to start talking more. How there is a personalized approach to everything and the need to find the right thing for you. (59:30)
  • Emotions are energy in motion. The connections you create in yourself and the importance of having balance in your life. (1:05:10)
  • A reflection of our culture. What she is currently excited about for the future. (1:12:21)
  • Stress is designed to get us to move. How our environment and what we eat affects our blood glucose. (1:17:40)
  • Mind Pump resident doctor. Ask Dr. Molly. Write in your questions now! (1:22:44)

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