Show Notes Ep 717 – Vince Del Monte is Reinventing Himself

  • Attracting attention for the wrong reasons. Vince explains how he was wrapping his identity around the numbers. (3:05)
  • Fitness marketer first, fitness expert second. His current business transition and how he is being seen in different light. (5:45)
  • A way to start educating people. Why he got into the YouTube space and how we got into fitness marketing. (8:20)
  • Extreme ownership. Vince shares a story of the art of selling and how he learned this skill. (10:50)
  • Your word is your bond. Who mentored Vince and how has he implemented it into his own life. (14:10)
  • If you are not committed on a scale of 1 to 10, then what would make you a 10? What objections has he encountered? (15:36)
  • I couldn’t live up to this Christian life. He shares his upbringing how his faith has been tested. (19:38)
  • Who is the real Vince? How his relationship has challenged him to step up and be a better man. (25:20)
  • The drive for success. Building self-confidence and how he identifies himself. (29:40)
  • Every woman has a tolerance level and wants to feel valued. Putting the work in all aspects of his life and shares rough times he has gone through. (39:44)
  • Putting limits on himself. What has he done to get balance back into his life? (42:50)
  • Life is a fight. The true example of what a man is and understanding there is a right and a wrong. How his parents have impacted the way he raises his children. (45:28)
  • The sooner people see what you stand for, the quicker they can figure out if they want to hang out with you. Has his faith had an effect on his relationships/business? (51:00)
  • Man up when I need to man up. How he protects his children from things can be avoided and how he is helping his kids find their own identity. (56:40)
  • Making money is easy; the question is how you do it. What is in his future and how he breeds success practices into his camps. (1:05:29)

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