Show Notes Ep 715 – Mind Pump Goes Deep with Ben Pakulski

  • Built it as playground for me and to hold camps. Ben explains why he built his gym and its purpose. (5:36)
  • I want to help everyone overcome their fears. He opens up about his childhood and the impact it has left on him. (7:30)
  • If you can’t, therefore you must. He introspectively looks at himself and what he has accomplished. (11:30)
  • It’s my greatest blessing and biggest curse. How he wasn’t playing his best game, but playing his truth with playing/working with others. (15:35)
  • When it sucks most, smile. Simplify life and de-clutter your toxic relationships for growth. (21:15)
  • 2640 – (Change) talks about his dad
  • Disciplines of execution. Practical ways to improve yourself and the team around you through leadership. (31:38)
  • Empower people with a skill set to change their body. Ben drops knowledge on skills you need to succeed. (44:00)
  • Without management things get left undone and the business suffers. Ben talks about building confidence and self-esteem with his programs/camps and shares his business success/stressors. (55:55)
  • Meticulous over consumption. The guys go deep into the science of fasting and eating after working out. (1:01:30)
  • If you can’t, you must. How to become the #MindsetMeathead and the importance of doing the things that challenge you the most. (1:07:00)
  • Layers of the onion. Way he has improved his own life and finding the joy in the struggle. (1:11:50)
  • The good cannot exist without the bad. He shares what his parents taught him and how it implements that to his kids. (1:16:30)

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