Show Notes Ep 713 - High Carb Diet Benefits, Factors that Affect the Ability to Lose Weight, HIIT Focused Personal Training & MORE

  • Take Sal to church. How not to fear things you don’t know and he talks about his experience. (4:22)
  • The way we consume information these days. From Encyclopedia Britannica, YouTube and beyond; (15:48)
  • Daily Pump!
    • The cucumbers are massive! Farmer uses image of porn star to keep crops safe. (20:32)
    • Shaun White’s dominance in snowboarding once again! Can he get Health IQ?! (22:33)
    • Censorship on live TV. French ice dancers’ dress malfunction and the guys bring up the question does gender matter? (24:31)
    • Russian “Troll Factories” charged tampering with last election (31:53)
    • Embarrassing or cool? Farting Passenger forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing. (34:41)
  • Mind Pump marks their territory. The guys bring up their recent trip to LA and how they seem to poop to mark their spot. (40:11)
  • The Mind Pump travel diet (45:10)
  • Quah question #1 - How to help other people with their health and fitness? (46:30)
  • Quah question #2 – Any benefits of a high carb diet? (58:40)
  • Quah question #3 – In your experience, does it take longer for someone who has been overweight their entire life to lose weight than someone who has only been overweight for a few years? (1:04:14)
  • Quah question #4 – Wanted to get your advice on circuit style/HIIT program is a good way to train clients. (1:14:03)

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