Show Notes Ep 712 – Dr. Shawn Baker- Carnivore Diet Advocate

  • This is not your average doctor. Shawn talks about being a natural athlete and his previous feats. (4:48)
  • Nutrition plays a role in medicine. Shawn explains his title and what he currently does for a living. (8:02)
  • Found that he craved steak more. The process how he came to be on the carnivore diet. (9:25)
  • Have the mindset that red meat and cholesterol are bad. How our current Western Medicine system doesn’t treat the root cause. (14:02)
  • Humans have been eating meat for 300 million years. Why other diets in the past didn’t work for him and if leaky gut syndrome played a part in his switch to the carnivore diet? (24:50)
  • We are all thinking it…What are his bowel movements like? (38:55)
  • Most animals in the wild are not supplementing. Does he take any supplements? (44:25)
  • Nutrition should be simple. What does his meat rotation look like? (48:40)
  • I don’t care what you eat; eat what makes you feel better. Shawn gives his personal opinion towards Vegans and their opposition towards himself. (56:00)
  • Invest too much time and energy into one number. Shawn breaks down how people need to stop looking at cholesterol as the end all be all in their health. (1:03:20)
  • Orthopedic manifestation of chronic disease. How doctors don’t want to put in the work to get to root cause and simply want to operate. (1:08:00)
  • Environmental impact and sustainability. Can the average person afford to eat on this diet and is the quality of the meat you eat important? (1:25:15)
  • Blue zones and longevity. The guys go into deep discussion on these subjects and go down the religion/dogma rabbit hole. (1:39:00)
  • You got to make your own damn fire. We do not live in the same world. Shawn gives his opinion on fasting and if he does it. (1:50:15)
  • Final thoughts on eating what makes you feel good. (1:54:40)

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