Show Notes Ep 710 – Robert Oberst is Stronger than You

  • “I feel if I want more food, I take it in.” Robert talks about how many meals he eats a day and the misconception about strong men physiques/genetics. (4:05)
  • “I have to believe in the product, there is so much crap out there.” What it takes for him to promote a supplement company and feed his fire. (14:20)
  • You are an average of the five people you spend the most time with. The guys talk about having to break up with people who no longer fit in their life. (19:05)
  • Beat yourself against the iron and someday you will be strong. How an encounter with underprivileged kids changed his outlook on everyday life. (23:15)
  • “Warming up is for pussies!” Robert explains why he is not your average strong man. (33:50)
  • The rivalry between Robert and Eddie Hall…heated or competitive for the upcoming world’s competition? (39:18)
  • You have to relate to people and be able to talk to them. What is the hardest thing about being a strong man? (49:30)
    • Pain relief?
    • Country that has the craziest fans?
  • What events is he looking forward to the most at the upcoming worlds and who is his biggest competition? (1:00:38)
  • Final thoughts and tune into CBS to watch the worlds! (1:08:30)

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