Show Notes Ep 707 – Jordan Harbinger

  • “You guys were on a journey.” Jordan recalls the first time he met the guys. (3:50)
  • “Going through the most stressful time in my life right now, by the way this is going.” He discusses his current transition period/biggest fears, separating from the Art of Charm. (8:30)
  • Focus on the small wins. The guys get very real with Jordan about being the last person to be excited about his new venture. (19:00)
  • Being interviewed by someone else is much underrated. Jordan talks about the art of being interviewed vs. being the interviewee. (23:30)
  • The show and the business grew apart. How the old show didn’t make sense to him anymore and how his new one will be pulling wisdom out of his guests. (29:00)
  • Be vulnerable. What are Jordan’s tips for being a great interviewer? (33:30)
  • My duty is to the person that is listening. He gives an example of calling a guest out when things feel staged and the guys share personal stories of their own. (37:40)
  • Jordan explains how he will monetize the new business. (45:00)
  • “I feel like a crazy person.” Ego is the enemy. He talks about the stress and emotions he is currently going through. (46:41)
  • Getting out of his house has been his saving grace. What he doing for self-care during this process? (58:40)
    • Adaptogens recommended by Dr. Sal (1:07:17)
    • Belly breathing (1:16:00)
    • Fasting (1:17:00)
  • Life purpose is to help people grow. He explains his higher purpose with what he is doing. (1:23:50)

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