Show Notes Ep 705 – Mareya Ibrahim- One Simple Step to Improve Your Food Quality Now

  • Come forth and be honest. Mareya talks about a conference she attended where the speaker was marketing lab meat as a health food. (4:00)
  • “It’s become too expensive to do anything that is not subsidized.” Distribution is directly affected by the conditions. She uses the example of coca and it’s disturbing. (8:07)
  • Life rotated around food. Mareya talks about her early days, her relationship with food and how having kids changed her perspective on the quality of food that she put in her body. (19:26)
  • What else do you clean with water that comes out of the ground? She describes the Eat Cleaner product and why it works. (26:15)
  • Organic doesn’t mean that you are buying something pesticide free. What fruits/vegetables have the highest pesticides? She talks about the strawberry study they conducted. (28:45)
  • We are getting rid of what can carry the bacteria. Will you ingest antibiotics if I use this product? (32:45)
  • Had to create a standard. Have a thirst to be educated. Mareya talks about how the industry has changed since she first started and why we label things. (34:34)
  • The fluff around labels. She explains the labels out there and what they really mean. (46:20)
  • The demand for fresh food has created demand for their products. She talks about how telling stories helps people understand things better. (54:33)
  • The Real Dish. She mentions her upcoming book and the power of conversation at the dinner table. (1:00:15)
  • Eat as close as to nature indented and be aware of the risks. (1:01:45)
  • We do not realize the importance of food when we are young. She talks about being the child of an immigrant family, her eating disorder and how it impacted her life. (1:04:23)

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