Show Notes Ep 702 - Matt Kibbe on CrossFit, Cryptocurrency, Freedom & MORE

  • Public choice problem. Matt talks about his relationship with Greg Glassman, the co-creator of CrossFit, possible certification and fight against big sugar. (4:47)
  • People should be free to live their lives how they want, as long as they don’t steal. What is the definition of libertarianism? (7:58)
  • You should be skeptical of all big corporations/The sharing economy. Why competition is necessary. (10:12)
  • Regulations are almost all written for people with self-interest. They example of Uber and the guys discuss in detail. (16:30)
  • Socialism vs. Capitalism. Matt explains the difference and why millennials see socialism in a new light. (18:50)
  • If you laid the people down who died from socialism, they would wrap around the world two times. How we have the best of intentions, but need to understand that people make their own decisions. (21:55)
  • You don’t need an insurance plan; you need to plan for the future. Healthcare should be based on choice, not something that is forced on you. Matt speaks on this topic and why our healthcare system is flawed. (31:10)
  • Trump has punctured the romance around the Presidency. What is his opinion on Trump so far? (35:54)
  • Freedom of speech/Fake news. Matt explains why we should embrace beautiful chaos. (40:15)
  • Block chain is one of the most important things in technology that we are just starting to see why that matters so much. Matt gives is opinion on cryptocurrency and bitcoin. (44:07)
  • People inherently want to be free. How social media can create massive hysteria and its effect on countries like Iran. (47:45)
  • Taking from have-nots and giving to haves. Wealth-distribution and equality discussion. (51:39)
  • It’s wrong to lump people into categories. Guys go into deep discussion on the gender pay gap and Matt tells a personal story about his wife. (58:00)
  • Free the People. Turning young people onto liberty. Matt talks about his organization and some of the challenges that have come with it. (1:02:07)
  • Better to go on the enemy’s show. Matt talks about his TV appearances and how tone of voice matters. (1:07:10)
  • The different flavors of people’s politics. Why Matt is optimistic of today’s liberty. (1:11:09)
  • People should have more than two choices. Matt explains the political parties and how 3rd parties are being shut out. (1:17:18)
  • What sources of information does a Matt recommend person go to? (1:19:40)

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